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Red Truck Beer is built on the values of a simpler time, when bars served only beer and whiskey. When trucks were working vehicles, not status symbols – and when the only people you needed to share a sunset with were sitting right next to you.

That’s why we keep our beer simple: just four basic ingredients – no preservatives, no pasteurization, no compromises, no bullshit.

We want our Red Truck to be a reminder of those simpler days. The good times. So we stamp the iconic truck on each one of our classic hand built beers.
Behind the label is a refreshing taste that embodies the bold quality of a hand-crafted beer, remaining real and genuine throughout.

In a fast-paced world, it’s a beer that reflects the definition of quality time. Just a cool, crisp taste to savor with friends and cheers the day.
Pop the hood on a Red Truck and let the good times roll.

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