Order A keg

Grab a delicious ice cold keg at:
Red Truck Beer Company Retail Store
295 East 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7

Open 7 days a week

*Security deposits (an imprint of a major credit card) are taken and NOT rung through unless goods are not returned
in accordance with the terms and conditions.

We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Interac.

Red Truck Ale 30 L $120.00
Red Truck Ale 50 L $186.00
Red Truck Blackberry Bourbon Ale 30L $129.00
Red Truck Blackberry Bourbon Ale 50L $195.01
Red Truck Dry Nibbed Stout 30L $129.00
Red Truck Dry Nibbed Stout 50L $195.01
Red Truck Fresh Hop 30L $129.00
Red Truck Fresh Hop 50L $195.01
Red Truck IPA 30L $129.00
Red Truck IPA 50L $195.01
Red Truck ISA 30L $129.00
Red Truck ISA 50L $195.01
Red Truck Lager 30L $120.00
Red Truck Lager 50L $186.00
Red Truck Red Pilsner 30L $129.00
Red Truck Red Pilsner 50L $195.01

Other items you may need:

Tap rental (hand pump) $10.00

Plastic beer cups (sleeves of 50) $5.00

Delivery charge $50.00

Come on down and grab a keg today!