Looking to raise funds for your team, charitable cause or initiative? Red Truck Beer would love to help! Host up to 50 people at the Truck Stop Diner for your next fundraiser. We’ll donate the burger and beers, you sell the tickets, you keep the proceeds!

Sound too good to be true? It gets better! We will provide you with:

Staffing of the event
Complimentary ticket printing
Free venue on a Tuesday night (one event per month)
1 Complimentary burger (vegetarian option available) and 1 beer per ticket (Up to 50)
100% of proceeds raised are yours to keep for your initiative

Due to high demand, we are only able to host 1 event per month and held on Tuesdays. Please make sure to send in your application at least 2-weeks before your desired date. Event date and time is subject to availability.

Please Note:The Red Truck Burger & Beer Fundraiser night is intended to support charitable initiatives small & large. Unfortunately, priority will be given to charitable causes & initiatives–sports teams, youth initiatives, and/or causes not aligned with our Mission & Values will not be selected. Any group fundraising on behalf of a Charity or Initiative will need to include an official “Letter of Support” from the organization in question.

Not quite what you are looking for? Click here for room rentals or here for our Sponsorship application page.