Delicious Beer

The freshest beer on four wheels.

We’re not a factory.
We don’t crank out billions of bottles of our beer.
We’ll take quality over quantity every day of the week.
So if we ever happen to run out of your favourite kind of
Red Truck Beer, don’t worry.
We’re brewing more as slowly as we can.

ABV: 5.0

You can’t rush perfection, and our award winning lager is proof of that. We use the cool fermented, long storage process that’s been used for centuries. This traditional European style lager is made with all Canadian malts and Saaz hops, a classic “noble” aroma hop with longstanding traditions – just like the style itself.

Available Formats

  • 355ml (12oz.) Bottles

ABV: 5.2

Every story has a beginning, and this is ours. It all started with an old red truck, and a keg of beer. This ale was the first beer ever brewed under the Red Truck name, hand built and hand delivered. Over the years, things may have changed, but we’ve stayed true to the brew.

Available Formats

  • 355ml (12oz.) Bottles

ABV: 6.3

We wanted to brew a well-balanced IPA that you could drink without destroying your palate. We used a combination of late kettle, whirlpool addition, and dry hopping to preserve the oils that give you the bold aroma you have come to love. The result was an easy drinking IPA that showcases five of the best hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest.

Available Formats

  • 355ml (12oz.) Bottles

– Red Truck Seasonal Beers –

Seasons change.
So do taste buds.

Red Truck Golden Ale

ABV: 4.8

Birds are chirping, the days are gettin’ longer, and the Red Truck Golden Ale has just rolled off our production line – spring has sprung!

With it’s orange, coriander and honey flavour, drinking one of our Golden Ales is like marching your tastebuds through the middle of a blooming alpine meadow. Find it in our Craftmaster 12 mix pack and in 6 packs in stores throughout B.C. this Summer.

– Red Truck Craftmaster –


The Craftmaster 12 pack comes fully equipped with 3 crisp Lagers, 3 smooth Ales, and 3 bold IPAs. We then complete each pack with the perfect seasonal option. It’s a great way to test-drive the Red Truck lineup.

Our summer seasonal release is the Red Truck Golden Ale. Our Golden Ale is loaded with real citrus and coriander, and brewed to be the perfect summer beer. With a subtle layer of real citrus and coriander, this beer perfect for a hot summer patio day. We dare you to drink just one.

Aroma: Fresh ground coriander and loads of Seville orange peel give it a light citrusy aroma synonymous with summer. Flavour: Light biscuit and malted wheat flavour gives this beer a nice light body without coming off wheat heavy.

Hard work is its own reward,
but sometimes you get a few pats on the back.

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